SRM in a Box final release (the complete setup)

Finally I’ve just finished the complete pdf on “Building a VMware Site Recovery Manager demo with the Netapp simulator” This document will guide you trough the setup of Site Recovery Manager with the Netapp simulator, just on 1 host. I changed a few things since the preview document so ctrl_del the preview document and download the latest one here.
If you have any comments to improve this document please feel free to contact me at

19-11-08 Update1: Arne from asked me: why did you choose for a solaris LUN and not for a Vmware lun at page 29. I made a mistake here, you should use a VMware lun. Updating the document right now
19-11-08 Update2:Updated the document showing a VMware lun at page 29
Update3:A new pdf with another virtual appliance is comming soon click here
18-12-2008 Update 4: John Balsillie, a VCI from australia emailed me about 2 things in the PDF which he found strange. The first thing is about page 37. On this page i am writing: Create instead of 10 gb an 8 gb data store because you might need the storage for the replication I forgot to delete this before publishing, so you can ignore this. Just create 8gb. This was before i did the whole configuration.
The scond thing was on page 23. John found out that the commands where not correct.

To set up snapmirror correctly use these instead:

on NetApp01 – enter “options snapmirror.access host=natapp02”
on NetApp02 – enter “options snapmirror.access host=natapp01”

John, thanks very much for noticing these mistakes! I will update the document later.

Download the document here:

SRM in a Box Final

However this wil guide you to setup Site Recovery Manager in a box, this is not an indepth guide into SRM. For an indepth guide i have to point you to Mike Laverick just released his book “Administering VMware’s Site Recovery Manager”


“SRM in a Box”: configured! (site recovery manager)

After a few difficulties i have managed to set up a SRM (site recovery manager) in a Box configuration with the free Netapp Simulator. The problem i had in the previous post, was because i had no data in the volume that has to be snapmirrored. So i created a vm and did an snapmirror update and voila, the LUN was shown in the array configuration. Now i have to create a few vm snaps 😉 before i am going to run the protection plan. Here is a first picture. I will discribe the steps i did in a document as soon as i can.

Update: A complete howto is available now: Get it here

SRM workstation overview

SRM workstation overview