“SRM in a Box”: configured! (site recovery manager)

After a few difficulties i have managed to set up a SRM (site recovery manager) in a Box configuration with the free Netapp Simulator. The problem i had in the previous post, was because i had no data in the volume that has to be snapmirrored. So i created a vm and did an snapmirror update and voila, the LUN was shown in the array configuration. Now i have to create a few vm snaps šŸ˜‰ before i am going to run the protection plan. Here is a first picture. I will discribe the steps i did in a document as soon as i can.

Update: A complete howto is available now: Get it here

SRM workstation overview

SRM workstation overview

5 thoughts on ““SRM in a Box”: configured! (site recovery manager)

  1. absolutely, great work!!

    just one thing, how could we test it , if we are not neither a parter nor a customer for NetApp, anyway, we could find something else to try it?


    Jose Ruelas

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