Access Based Enumeration for Netapp shares

To enable acccess-based enumeration (ABE) on a netapp share we need the commandline. Just connect with putty or something else to your netapp where the share resides.

To set ABE to on, use the nest command:

cifs shares -change sharename -accessbasedenum

To turn ABE off, use the command:

cifs shares -change sharename -noaccessbasedenum

Like Christoph says in the comments you can enable ABE from the commandline tool abecdm.exe just from a windows server, so you don’t need the commandline from a Netapp.

If you do not have this tool you can download it here:


Logon a Netapp CIFS share authenticated by a windows 2008 domain controller

Today i had a problem logging in to a netapp share with a computer who is not a member of the domain. for the first time i have installed a netapp storage box with a windows 2008 domaincontroller for authentication.

Usally when the login box shows up, i try to login on like this:


somehow did did’nt work. I reconfigured the netapp to autenthicate, but no solution.
I used a windows xp workstation. When i try to logon from a Vista client it did work.
Now i was confused. Eventually i found a way to login using the User principal names


Ofcourse this has something to do the way authenciation is working between Vista clients, XP clients and a windows 2008 domain controller. However it frustrated me for about 1 our.